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The Indian retail industry has seen many shifts and transformations in the last 30-40 years. From weekly bazaars in the days of our grandparents, to the neighbourhood mom and pop stores from our parents’ days to the new age, experiential mall culture, the scope and scale of the Indian retail experience has evolved multifold, and now we are seeing this unpresented change & hype in digital commerce due to this pandemic effect.

Post pandemic the retail industry is currently going through a robust transformation, Retailers are focusing on short-term loss mitigation, restructuring existing deals, revenue share models, store digitisation and redesign, they are indeed getting ready for the future by looking beyond conventional retail, to place digital shopping experiences first and evolving along with their modern consumers.

Today’s customer expects world class experience at every platform and setting up a new e-commerce challenges for retailers, as they have multiple options available to be in touch with their favourite brands through various channels, be it online/ offline at every phase of their retail journey.

Join us for this exclusive webinar along with senior industry leaders to explore how you redefine the retail operating model with new business formats, looking at smart product and points-of-sale innovation, consolidating the brick and mortar presence and moving towards a more digital presence to delight the changing customer needs.

Key Take-away and Special Features

Restructuring retail operating model to meet evolving customer needs in the new normal

Building an agile & resilient business model to operate smoothly during any future crises

Creating experiences that matters; Inspired by design, driven by technology

Customer centricity in the digital revolution – Explore how you can meet your customers and help them self-serve at every step in their journey

Crafting & delivering a unified shopping experience for customers across different marketing & sales channels.

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